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2003 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Chande, A.I. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2003. The fishery of Portunus pelagicus and species diversity of portunid crabs along the coast of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, 2(1): 75-84.

2. Teikwa, E.D. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2003. Abundance and reproductive biology of Penaeid prawns of Bagamoyo coastal waters, Tanzania. Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science, 2(2): 117-126.

3. Mfilinge PL, Meziane T, Bachok Z, Tsuchiya M (2003) Fatty acids in decomposing mangrove leaves: microbial activity, decay and nutritional quality. Marine Ecology Progress Series 265:97-105.

4. Bachok Z, Mfilinge PL, Tsuchiya M (2003) The diet of the mud clam Geloina coaxans (Mollusca, Bivalvia) as indicated by fatty acid markers in a subtropical mangrove forest of Okinawa, Japan. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 292:187-197.

5. Lundgren, P., Bauer, K., Lugomela, C., Soderback, E. and Bergman, B. (2003). Re-evaluation of the nitrogen fixation behavior in the marine non-heterocystous cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula. Journal of Phycology 39: 310-314.

6. El-Shehawy, R., Lugomela, C., Ernest, A. and Bergman, B. (2003). Diurnal expression of hetR and diazocyte development in the filamentous nonheterocystous cyanobacterium Trichodesmium spp. Microbiology 149: 1139-1146.

7. Kishe, M.A. and Machiwa, J.F. 2003. Distribution of heavy metals in sediments of Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Environment International 28: 619-625

8. Mremi, S.D. and Machiwa, J.F. 2003. Heavy metal contamination of mangrove sediments and the associated biota in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Science 29 (No 1): 61-76

9. Machiwa, J.F. 2003. Metal concentrations in sediment and fish of Lake Victoria near and away from catchments with gold mining activities. Tanzania Journal of Science 29 (No.2): 43-54

10. Machiwa, J.F. 2003. Concentrations of metals in river sediment and wetland vegetation in mining sites, Lake Victoria basin, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Science 29(No.2): 81-88.

2003 Books and Chapters in Books

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(b) Chapters in Books

1. Francis, J., R. Johnstone, T. vant Hof, C. van Zwol, and D. Sadacharan (2003) Training for the sustainable management of Marine Protected Areas. A training manual for MPA managers. The Coastal Zone Management Center, the Netherlands, The World Bank, UDSM and WIOMSA. 209pp.

2. Wells, S., J. Francis, and N. Muthiga. 2003. Marine Protected Area Management in Western Indian Ocean. In: Carabias, J., J. de la Maza, and R. Cadena (eds), Capacity needs to manage protected areas: Africa, Mexico, 2003, pp 97-103.