Dr. Simon G.M. Ndaro

\r\nDr. Simon Gumbya Martin Ndaro
University of Dar Es Salaam\r\nDepartment of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries
\r\nP.O. Box 35064 DAR ES SALAAM.

\r\n2. Education:
Ph.D. In Benthic Ecology

\r\n3. Academic Posts Held at University of DSM:

\r\n2001-now Senior Lecturer University of Dar es Salaam\r\nGive Lectures in Benthic Ecology, Marine Biology and Environmental Sciences\r\nConduct research in Marine biology, Benthic Ecology and Fisheries biology and\r\nEcology.\r\nOffer consultancy service in Environmental issues, Fish culture and Fisheries\r\nManagement aspects.\r\nSupervise MSc. and Ph.D. students

\r\n1994-2001 Lecturer University of Dar es Salaam\r\nGive lectures in Freshwater Biology, Estuarine Biology, Benthic Ecology and\r\nEnvironmental Sciences.\r\nConduct research in benthic ecology, Marine biology and Fisheries biology\r\nSupervision of MSc. students\r\nCo-ordinator of Marine biology Fourth Term Programme, EV200 and EV300.\r\nOffer consultancy services in Environmental issues and Fish culture

\r\n1990 - 1994 University of Dar Es Salaam, Department of Zoology & Marine Biology.\r\nAssistant Lecturer in Benthic Ecology; Marine Biology; Freshwater Biology\r\nand Environmental Science. Conduct research in Benthic Ecology, Fisheries\r\nbiology.\r\nOffer consultancy in Environmental conservation and Fisheries management\r\nissues.

\r\n4. Posts held outside University of DSM:
\r\n1985 -1990 Research Officer I\r\nActing Centre Director, TAFIRI - Kigoma Centre
\r\n1984 - 1985 Research Officer\r\nTAFIRI - Mwanza centre
\r\n1982 - 1984 Fisheries Officer\r\nTutor, Administrative Officer\r\nNyegezi Freshwater Fisheries Training Institute, Mwanza
\r\n1976 - 1978 Tutor, Administrative Officer\r\nBagamoyo, Mbegani Fisheries Dev. Centre.

\r\n5. Administrative posts held at University of DSM\r\nAssociate Dean (Admin.) Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and Technology

\r\n6. Administrative posts held outside the University of DSM
\r\nActing Centre Director: TAFIRI- Kigoma centre\r\nAdministrative Officer- Nyegezi Fisheries Training Institute\r\nAdministrative Officer- Mbegani Fisheries Development Centre

\r\n7. Professional Affiliation:
\r\nTanzania Association for Advancement of Science & Technology\r\nNetwork of Tropical Fisheries Scientists (NTFS)\r\nRegional Co-operation in Scientific Information in the Western Indian Ocean\r\nWestern Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA)\r\nPsammonalia - International Association for Meiobenthologists

\r\n8. Awards:
\r\nInstitution                                                     Award                            Year                Field\r\n
Kunduchi Fish. Inst.                                     Fisheries Diploma           1976                Fisheries\r\n
University of Dar Es Salaam                         BSc (Hons)                    1982                Marine Biology\r\n
U.C.N.W. Bangor, UK.                               MSc.                             1986                Fisheries Management\r\n
University of Stockholm                               Ph.D.                             Jan. 1998         Benthic Ecology\r\n

\r\n9. Research/ Consultancy:
\r\nBiological Information on Prawn culture Techniques.\r\nClient: Dar Es Salaam General Supplies Ltd. (1991)

\r\nEnvironmental Impact Study of the proposed Dar Es Salaam Harbour Expansion Project.\r\nClient: Scott Bertlin Consulting Engineers & Planners, UK (1991)

.\r\nLake Tanganyika Water Management Problems Document.\r\nClient: International Water Tribunal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (1992).

\r\nDar es Salaam Port Development Study 1994 - 2004: Environmental Report.\r\nClient: SLI Consultants, CANADA (1993).

\r\nMacro-invertebrates and Meiobenthos Biological Study - Environmental Impact Assessment for\r\nLower Kihansi Hydroelectric Power Project.\r\nClient: NORCONSULT (Dar Es Salaam) Ltd. (1994).

Macro-invertebrates and benthos of rivers and streams at Ulyankulu - E.I.A.\r\nClient: Kahama Mining Company, (1997).

\r\nAnthropogenically induced changes in groundwater Outflow and Quality, and the functioning of\r\nEastern African nearshore Ecosystems.\r\nClient: EU-INCO Project. (1996-1998).

\r\nStudy on the Diversity and Abundance of Benthic fauna on the shores around Dar Es Salaam for\r\nbaseline information on the Ecological status of Meiobenthos and monitoring human induced\r\nchanges of the Coastal Environment. (2002)

\r\nEditor of LVEMP- 2003 Scientific Conference papers held in Mwannza city in the year 2001 for\r\npublication of Conference Proceedings\r\nClient:

Regional/National LVEMP Secretariat, Dar ES Salaam.\r\nEditor of NEMC - National Scientific Conference on Agriculture, Environment and Poverty\r\nEradication papers held at White Sands Hotel in Dar es Salaam from 28th to 30th September 2004.

\r\nLead Trainer – KICAMP Training Workshop for Kunduchi and Ununio Fishers Groups 30th\r\nJanuary to 2nd February 2007 at Boko, Basihaya Dar es Salaam.\r\nStudy of the Key Fish Species Ecology in the Malagarasi-Muyovozi Ramsar Site 2006-\r\n2008.

\r\nClient: Sustainable Integrated Malagarasi-Muyovozi Ramsar Site, (SIMMORS),\r\nUrambo, Tabora.\r\nLake Natron Study: Assessment of Biodiversity and Quality of the Aquatic Environment of\r\nthe Lake. May, 2009.\r\nClient: Prime Minister’s Office, Environment.

\r\n10. Teaching/Supervision:
\r\nCourses: Benthic Ecology (Udsm)\r\nFisheries Management and Conservation (Udsm)\r\nChordate Zoology (Fishes section)\r\nMSc-Environmental Science -IEM 613: Aquatic Ecology and Pollution (Udsm)\r\nSupervised works at University

\r\nA. Third Year Projects:
\r\n1. Rukanuga Ngemera 2009. Identification of specimens for the establishment of Dry\r\nCollection Museum of the department of Aquatic Sciences.

\r\n2. Ramadhani Halid 2009. The Measurement of the Phytoplankton Biomass of Fresh Water\r\nFish pond by the use of Dry Mass weight Method.

\r\n3. Petro Richard 2009. Determination of Phytoplankton Biomass in Aquaculture Fish Ponds.

\r\n4. Massawe Gladys N. 2009. The Influence of Water Quality Parameters in Growth of\r\nChironomidae in Waste Stabilising Pond at the University.

\r\n5 .Balagande Paul 2008. Benthic macro-invertebrates as indicators of water quality in two sites\r\n(Ocean road and Mjimwema beaches) along Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

6. Godfrey Davis 2008. Comparative abundance and diversity of seagrass and associated epifauna\r\nat Silversands and Kunduchi shores Dar Es Salaam.

\r\n7. Hamad Muumin 2008. Comparative study on the abundance and diversity between coastal\r\nareas of Kundichi and Oysterbay.

\r\n8. Richard Tumaini 2008. Rocky shore habitat complexity: A comparartive study of abundance\r\nand distribution of macro invertebrates in microhabitats at Oysterbay and Slipway shores.

\r\n9. Moses Vumilia 2008. A comparison of abundance and Diversities of crabs between Mbweni\r\nand Msimbazi creek mangroves along coast of Dar Es Salaam.

\r\n10. Mwakisunga Benard 2008. Comparative abundance s and diversities of microalgae between\r\nOysterbay and Slipway shorea along Dar Es salaam coast.

\r\n11. Kalinga Maria 2008. Field Attachment report on distribution and abundance of oysters on\r\nrock cliff at oysterbay and Slipway shores.

\r\n12.Christopher Godfrey 2008. Investigation of fish species inhabiting (Kunduchi and Mtoni\r\nKijichi) mangrove stands around Dar Es Salaam.

\r\n13. Kakama Grace 2008. The Impact of seacucumber collection along the coast of Dar Es\r\nSalaam (Msasani, Ocean road, Oysterbay) beaches.

\r\n14. Ibrahim jamila 2008. Description of common benthic macrofauna and flora found in the\r\nmangrove stands at Mtoni kijichi estuary.

\r\n15. Kulunalila, Kulunalila 2008. the variation in macrofauna biodiversity and abundance at\r\nSlipway rocky shore in Dar Es Salaam.

\r\n16. Kashindye Benedicto 2006. Comparative study of Epifauna on Sonneratia and Rhizophora\r\nmangrove trees at Mtoni Kijichi, Dar es Salaam.

\r\n17. Kimasa Bugomba 2006. Is the Distribution of Gastropods in mangrove forest at Mtoni\r\nKijichi Preferential?

\r\n18. Sululu Joseph Salawa 2006. Diversity and Abundance of common crabs that inhabit\r\nmangrove forests of Mtoni and Kunduchi in Dar es Salaam.

\r\n19. Hamis Abdallah 2005. Determination and Comparison of the Abundance and Distribution\r\nof themacrofauna in Kunduchi and Ocean Road. 17pg.

\r\n20. Manane Lubango 2005. Comparative Study of wrack zone community in Kunduchi beach\r\nand Ocean Road beach.21pg

\r\n21. Mallya Yovita 2003. Comparison of the Distribution and Abundance of macrofauna at two\r\nsandy shores along Dar es Salaam coast.23pg.

\r\n22. Reuben Tupeligwe. 2002. Comparative study of Abundance and distribution of sea urchin\r\n(Diadema species) along Oysterbay and Ocean Road Beaches.19pg.

\r\n23. Mairi Julius, P. 2002. Inventory of Benthic macrofauna at some shores in Zanzibar.18pg.

24. Chasama S.I. 2002 The Influence of Nature of Substratum on the Epifauna (Epibenthos)\r\nalong Dar Es Salaam.22pg.

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\r\n36. Mohamed, A. 1999. Vertical Distribution of Organisms on three species of mangroves\r\naround Dar Es Salaam. 40pg.

\r\nB. Masters and Ph.D Degrees (Completed and On-going)

\r\n1. Ussi, A. Makame. (MSc. Marine Bilogy).2009. Population Dynamics and Impact of\r\nCrown-of-thorn Starfish, Acanthester planci (L) on Coral Reefs of Tanzania.

\r\n2. David Kacholi. (M.Sc. Environmental Science). 2006. Abundance, Diversity and\r\nBiomass of Benthic Macrofauna in Sewage Impacted and Non-impacted Mangrove\r\nForests in Dar Es Salaam. (On-going work).

\r\n3. Twalibu Kithaken Mmbaga. Ph.D. (Continuing). The Ecology and Management of Sea\r\ncucumbers in Tanzania.

\r\n4. Ng’wala James Jihulya. Ph.D. (Continuing). Effects of Area Protection on Nile Tilapia,\r\nOreochromis niloticus (L.), nile perch Lates niloticus and Haplochromis spp. in Lake\r\nVictoria.

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\r\n11 Conferences and Workshops attended:\r\nSymposium on the Utilisation of the Resources and conservation of the Great Lakes of Africa,\r\nBujumbura, BURUNDI\r\nDate: December 1989.\r\nTraining in Remote Sensing Application in Marine Activities, Ile de Reunion.\r\nDate: 1991.

\r\nWorkshop of the International Water Tribunal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.\r\nDate: Feb. 1992.

\r\nInterlinkage of Coastal Ecosystems in Eastern Africa, Zanzibar.\r\nDate: June 1993.

\r\nNematology: Approach and practicals in nematodes systematics - a 2 months course, Gent\r\nUniversity, Marine biology section BELGIUM. Date: Jan. - Feb. 1995

\r\nThe Baltic States International Meiobenthologists Workshop, Askö Laboratory, SWEDEN.\r\nDate: Jan. 1997

\r\nWorkshop on Application of Biotelemetry in Fisheries and Marine Biology, IMS Zanzibar, 24th\r\nMarch - 27th March 1998: Organiser - Memorial University College, Newfoundland, Canada.

\r\nSecond Workshop of the EU-INCO Project: ‘Anthropogenically induced changes in groundwater\r\nOutflow and Quality, and the functioning of Eastern African near shore Ecosystems’ - March 30th -\r\nApril 1st, 1998 Yerseke, The Netherlands.

Workshop on Risk Assessment and Risk Reduction Strategy for Priority Chemicals\r\n(Endosulfan/Thiodon) April, 1999 Dar Es Salaam, UNITAR/IPCS/UNEP and Gorvernment\r\nChemist, TANZANIA.\r\nInstitute of Marine Sciences 20th Anniversary 1979-1999

Conference on Advances on Marine\r\nSciences in Tanzania 28th June - 1st July 1999, Zanzibar, TANZANIA.\r\nScientific Conference of Lake Victoria Environmental Management Programme held from 6-10th\r\nAugust, 2001 in Mwanza City , Bank of Tanzania Institute, Mwanza Tanzania.

\r\nInternational Conference on Patnership in Scientific Research Capacity Development, 4 -7 August\r\n2003, Court Yard, Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA.

\r\nInternational Conference on Patnership in Scientific Research Capacity Development, 4 -7 August\r\n2003, Court Yard, Dar Es Salaam, TANZANIA

\r\nNational Scientific Conference on Agriculture, Environment and Poverty Eradication, 28th - 30th\r\nSeptember, 2004, White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam.

\r\nNational Scientific Conference on Agriculture, Environment and Poverty Eradication, 28th - 30th\r\nSeptember, 2004, White Sands Hotel, Dar es Salaam.

\r\nKinondoni Integrated Coastal Assessment Management Programme (KICAMP) Workshop on\r\nCoastal Marine Resources for Municipal and Sectoral Administrators held at White Sands Hotel,\r\nDar es Salaam, TANZANIA 6th –7th December 2005.

\r\nNEMC Workshop on Inputs on Ecosystem Assessment in Tanzania held at Belinda Hotel and\r\nResort, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA, 15th – 16th December 2005.

\r\nKICAMP training for Villagers in Kunduchi Pwani, Ununio and Boko/Bunju on Coastal Resources\r\nManagement for monitoring and Sustainable Utilization – 2007, Basihaya DAR ES SALAAM.\r\nKICAMP - Organised Dar es Salaam Primary School Teachers Trainers Training in Coastal Marine\r\nEnvironmental issues for Kinondoni District, Mujueni Hotel, Kibaha DAR es SALAAM 2007.

\r\nNational Scientific Workshop on Sustainable Wetland Management: Lessons Learned from\r\nSIMMORS Project on Integrated Wetland Planning and Management. 25th to 27th June 2007,\r\nKigoma, TANZANIA.\r\nInternational Tropical Limnolgy Training Workishop held at TAFIRI Kigoma, Tanzania from\r\nSeptember 4th - 25th, 2010.

\r\n12 Published works/contributions:

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