List of research projects, grants and consultancy undertaken


1.     Peri-urban mangrove forests as filters and potential phytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa (PUMPSEA). This project started in 2005 and was completed in 2008.


2.     Sustaining Coastal Fishing Communities funded by CIDA, Canada. This FAST-MUN project became effective in 2004 and will run for six years.


3.     The Faculty, in collaboration with Kinondoni Municipal Council, and local communities through financial support from Sida concluded implementation of a project titled "KICAMP Integrated Monitoring Plan" in 2008.


4.     The Sida-SAREC, Sweden, University of Dar es Salaam bilateral programme conluded implementation of a project titles Strengthening research capacity in marine biological sciences for sustainable utilisation of costal and marine resources. At the University of Dar es Salaam, the project was being implemented by the department, Instute of Marine Sciences (IMS) and the Department of Botany.


5.     Lower Kihansi Environmental Management Project (LKEMP) is facilitating the ongoing research work in the Lower Kihansi ecosystem study. The project, funded by the World Bank is hosted by the National Environment Management Councl and implemented by several instututions in the country including this department.


6.     Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP) was a comprehensive regional effort by the Governments of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to reverse the environmental and natural resources degradation of Lake Victoria and its basin.The five-year project started in July 1997 and ended up in June 2002. Under this project, the department implemented the component "Support to Riparian Universities". In addition, staffs were involved in conducting research and supervising postgraduate students working on various themes under the auspices of the project.


7.     The department received support in 2005 from NORAD funded "mini-projects" under the UDSM-NORAD frame agreement phase II. The project enabled the department to build some teaching and research infrastructure at Kunduchi. Under this support, the department has built a fish processing unit (kiln) for the Fisheries diploma programme and purchased several equipment including fishing and diving gear, an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) and water quality kit, etc. The main activities/responsibilities of the faculty in this project capacity building particularly in terms of equipment.


8.     The department in collaboration with the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (UDSM), Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences, Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute and School of Life Sciences, Sodertorns hogskola, Sweden has recently acquired a project titled Distribution of pathogenic Vibrio cholerae strains in aquatic environments in coastal areas of East Africa: Implication to cholera outbreaks and control. This two years research project will run from May 2009 to May 2011.


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19.  Ndaro, S.G.M. (2002). Study on the Diversity and Abundance of Benthic fauna on the shores around Dar Es Salaam for baseline information on the Ecological status of Meiobenthos and monitoring human induced changes of the Coastal Environment.


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30.  Wagner, G. (2007-2008). Resource person and trainer for Tanzania State of the Coast survey conducted in all coastal districts of Tanzania, organized by National Environment Management Council (NEMC), Tanzania.

31.  Wagner, G. (2005-2007). Coordination of environmental monitoring program contracted by Kinondoni Integrated Coastal Area Management Programme (KICAMP).

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