Dr. Charles Lugomela

Publications in Refereed Journals

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\r\nChapters in Books

\r\n \r\n1. Hansen, G., Turquet, J., Quod, J.P. Ten-Hage, Lugomela, C., Kyewalyanga, M., Hurbungs, M., Wawiye, P., Ogongo, B., Tunje, S. and Rakotoarinjanahary, H. (2001). Potentially harmful microalgae of the western Indian Ocean - a guide based on a preliminary survey, IOC manual and Guides No. 41. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

\r\n\r\n2. Lugomela, C. (2012). The Mangrove Ecosystem of Chwaka Bay. In: de la Torre-Castro, M. and Lyimo, T.J. (eds.) People, Nature and Research in Chwaka Bay, Unguja, Zanzibar. Pg 69 - 87. ISBN 978-9987-9559-1-6.

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