Dr. Lulu Tunu Kaaya
\r\n2010-Todate: Bio assessment of Tanzanian Rivers using aquatic macro\r\ninvertebrates. PhD Research Project, University of Cape Town.\r\n2011: Marine survey of the Mtwara port area. A report submitted to Kaskim\r\nConsultancy\r\n2008: Assessing the roles of key players in Biodiversity Governance and\r\nManagement within Lake Manyara sub-Basin, Tanzania.

\r\n2007-2008: The role of Indigenous knowledge on management of Lake Manyara\r\nwetland, Tanzania.

\r\n2004 - 2007: M.Sc. Research on Phytoplankton diversity and productivity with\r\nemphasis on the bloom dynamics of the potentially toxic cyanobacterium\r\nArthrospira fusiformis in the Momela Lakes, Arusha, Tanzania.

\r\n2006 2007: Participation in the Pangani Basin Environmental Flow and Health\r\nAssessment as a River Ecologist\r\nFeb. March 2005: Working with TCMP (Tanzania Coastal Management\r\nProgramme) in training local fishermen on coral reef monitoring for participation\r\nin Integrated Coastal Management in Bagamoyo district.\r\nOct. June 2004: Coral Reef Monitoring and Assessment Final Year Research\r\nProject, University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\nJune August 2002: Assessment of Marine Keystone Ecosystems. Participation\r\nin Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Practical training at University of Dar-\r\nEs-Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\nJune July 2002: Coral Reef Monitoring in Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve\r\nSystem. For Kinondoni Integrated Coastal Area Management Programme\r\n(KICAMP), Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

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