Mr. Twalib M. Kithakeni
\r\n13.1 Research Reports
\r\n13.1.1 T. Kithakeni 2006: Farming trial of Holothurians (Holothuria scabra) at Buyuni, Dar Es Salaam \r\nFunded by University of Dar Es Salaam Sida/ SAREC Bilateral Science Programme.

\r\n13.1.2 Ndaro S.G.M and T.Kithakeni 2007: Meio-benthos (Copepods) data collection and analysis; The\r\nPUMPSEA; Project, Dar Es Salaam sites, Tanzania.

\r\n13.1.3 Ndaro, S.G.M. and Mmbaga, T.K. 2007: Study of Ecology of Key fish species in the Malagarasi \r\nMuyovozi Ramsar site, Undertaken by University of Dar Es Salaam Wetland, Funded by Danish\r\nEmbassy.

\r\n13.1.4 Mgaya, Y.D. and Mmbaga, T.K. 2010: Poverty Eradication through Aquaculture (Sea cucumber H.\r\nscabra hatchery and farming in Tanzania) in collaboration with New Castle University UK\r\n.

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