Dr. Simon G.M. Ndaro
9. Research/ Consultancy:
\r\nBiological Information on Prawn culture Techniques.\r\nClient: Dar Es Salaam General Supplies Ltd. (1991)

\r\nEnvironmental Impact Study of the proposed Dar Es Salaam Harbour Expansion Project.\r\nClient: Scott Bertlin Consulting Engineers & Planners, UK (1991)

.\r\nLake Tanganyika Water Management Problems Document.\r\nClient: International Water Tribunal, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, (1992).

\r\nDar es Salaam Port Development Study 1994 - 2004: Environmental Report.\r\nClient: SLI Consultants, CANADA (1993).

\r\nMacro-invertebrates and Meiobenthos Biological Study - Environmental Impact Assessment for\r\nLower Kihansi Hydroelectric Power Project.\r\nClient: NORCONSULT (Dar Es Salaam) Ltd. (1994).

Macro-invertebrates and benthos of rivers and streams at Ulyankulu - E.I.A.\r\nClient: Kahama Mining Company, (1997).

\r\nAnthropogenically induced changes in groundwater Outflow and Quality, and the functioning of\r\nEastern African nearshore Ecosystems.\r\nClient: EU-INCO Project. (1996-1998).

\r\nStudy on the Diversity and Abundance of Benthic fauna on the shores around Dar Es Salaam for\r\nbaseline information on the Ecological status of Meiobenthos and monitoring human induced\r\nchanges of the Coastal Environment. (2002)

\r\nEditor of LVEMP- 2003 Scientific Conference papers held in Mwannza city in the year 2001 for\r\npublication of Conference Proceedings\r\nClient:

Regional/National LVEMP Secretariat, Dar ES Salaam.\r\nEditor of NEMC - National Scientific Conference on Agriculture, Environment and Poverty\r\nEradication papers held at White Sands Hotel in Dar es Salaam from 28th to 30th September 2004.

\r\nLead Trainer – KICAMP Training Workshop for Kunduchi and Ununio Fishers Groups 30th\r\nJanuary to 2nd February 2007 at Boko, Basihaya Dar es Salaam.\r\nStudy of the Key Fish Species Ecology in the Malagarasi-Muyovozi Ramsar Site 2006-\r\n2008.

\r\nClient: Sustainable Integrated Malagarasi-Muyovozi Ramsar Site, (SIMMORS),\r\nUrambo, Tabora.\r\nLake Natron Study: Assessment of Biodiversity and Quality of the Aquatic Environment of\r\nthe Lake. May, 2009.\r\nClient: Prime Minister’s Office, Environment.

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