Dr. Julius Francis

\r\n4.1 Co-ordinator of the Eastern African Coastal and Marine Environment Resource\r\nDatabase and Atlas (EAF/14) – Tanzanian component

\r\n4.2 Preparation of an overview on land-based sources and activities affecting marine,\r\ncoastal and associated freshwater environment, as well as a regional programme of\r\naction for the protection of the marine, coastal and associated freshwater environment\r\nfrom land-based activities. These activities were funded jointly by the Global\r\nProgramme of Action of UNEP and FAO through the project on Protection and\r\nManagement of the Marine and Coastal Areas of the Eastern African region (EAF/5)

\r\n4.3 Preparation of the regional Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis (TDA) on land-based\r\nand marine activities affecting coastal and marine and associated freshwater\r\nenvironment. Also prepared the Strategic Action Programme (SAP) for the coastal,\r\nmarine and associated freshwater environmental problems of the WIO region. These\r\nactivities were funded by UNEP

\r\n4.4 Development and implementation of public awareness through production of\r\neducational materials. This activity was funded by FAO through the project on\r\nProtection and Management of the Marine and Coastal Areas of the Eastern African\r\nregion (EAF/5)

\r\n4.5 Project for capacity building in Marine Protected Areas management in the Western\r\nIndian Ocean region.\r\n

4.6 Co-ordinated the development of the training manual and the organisation of the first training course in MPA management in WIO region

\r\n4.7 Implementation in Eastern Africa of the UNEP/GPA Strategic Action Plan on Sewage. This involves preparation of an overview with a compilation, description and analysis of case studies for the Eastern Africa region on socio-economic benefits from addressing sewage

\r\n4.8 FAO/UNEP project for International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN) on analysis of successful approaches to management of Marine Protected Areas in Tanzania

\r\n4.9 Conducted an evaluation of Project EA/1100-98-03: Eastern African Coordinating Unit for the East African Action Plan of the Nairobi Convention and its Protocols. 2000

\r\n4.10 Coordinates the production of the Western Indian Ocean Journal of Marine Science

\r\n4.11 Coordinated the implementation of the UNEP/GPA-funded project on Physical Alterations and Destruction of Habitats in the Eastern African region

\r\n4.12 Coordinates a competitive research grant program, the Marine Science for Management (MASMA) Program

\r\n4.12 Coordinator of the WIOMSA’s component in the Transboundary Networks of Marine Protected Areas for Integrated Conservation and Sustainable Development: Biophysical, Socio-economic and Governance Assessment in East Africa (TRANSMAP)

\r\n4.14 Coordinator of the Tanzania’s component of the Sustainable Coastal Communities and Ecosystems (SUCCESS)

\r\n4.15 Undertook a consultancy on Public Participation Analysis for the Agulhas Somali Current Large Marine Ecosystem, January 2006

\r\n4.16 Training and Educational Needs Assessment for different categories of stakeholders for the WIO-LaB project

\r\n4.17 Part of the Team that conducted the Re-Evaluation of the Mafia Island Marine Park (MIMP) in March-May 2007.

\r\n4.18 Evaluation of the Eastern Africa Marine Ecoregion (EAME) and Rufiji-Kilwa-Mafia Seascape (RUMAKI) Project, March – June 2008.

\r\n4.19 Coordinator, Project on “Climate Change in coastal and marine environment of the Western Indian Ocean region: Assessment of Impacts and Adaptation Options”, July 2009 – December 2012

C: Consultancy reports

\r\nC1: Francis, J. and C. A. Muhando 1995. Coastal Biodiversity and Conservation Strategy for the Fisheries Sector. A part of World Bank funded Consultancy on the Development of a Strategy for Conservation of Coastal Biodiversity, Tanzania Mainland. 47 pp.

C2: Francis, J., N. Nyandwi and F.E. Msuya (1997). Interdisciplinary Survey on the Status and Socio-economic Impacts of Coastal Erosion Along the Tanzanian Coastline and Islands. Report for the UNESCO Nairobi Office, Report No. IMS 1997/02, 51pp.

\r\nC3: Mwandosya, M.J., A.K. Semesi, S. Pamba, and J. Francis (1997) Towards a Strategy for the Conservation of Coastal Biological Diversity of Mainland Tanzania. Centre for Energy Environment, Science and Technology (CEEST). ISBN 9987 612 06 7. 102pp.

\r\nC4: Coccossis, H., J. Francis, M. Ngoile and T. Orekoya, (1998) Assessment of Integrated Coastal Management in Africa. Study Commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme and Government of Finland.

\r\nC5: Francis, J. (1997). Tanzania: Marine Science Country Profile. Report Prepared for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and the Western Indian Ocean Marine Science Association (WIOMSA).

\r\nC6: Odido, M. and J. Francis (1999) Sea Level Measurement and Analysis in the Western Indian Ocean. Regional Report prepared for the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO. 59pp.

\r\nC7: Francis, J. and Ngoile, M.A.K., 2000. In-depth evaluation of Project EA/1100-98-03: Eastern African Coordinating Unit for the East African Action Plan of the Nairobi Convention and its Protocols. United Nations Environment Programme. 55pp.

\r\nC8: Francis, J., G.M. Wagner, A. Mvungi, J.J. Ngwale, and R. Salema (2001). Tanzania National Report: Integrated Problem Analysis. A Report Prepared For The ACOPS, IOC/UNESCO And UNEP as part of implementation of the GEF MSP Sub-Saharan Africa Project (GF/6010-0016): Development and Protection of the Coastal and Marine Environment in Sub-Saharan Africa. 67pp.

\r\nC9: Ngusaru, A.S., Y.D. Mgaya, J. Francis, and H. Sosovele (2001). Root causes of biodiversity loss in Rufiji-Kilwa-Mafia and Mnazi Bay-Ruvuma Estuary in Tanzania. A report prepared for the WWF East African Marine Ecoregion (EAME) Programme. 63pp.

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\r\nC12: Mohammed, S. and Francis, J. (2005). An Evaluation of Coastal Zone Management Practices in the Eastern African Region. A Report Prepared for IUCN/EARO

\r\nC13: Francis, J., J. Balarin, K.K. Bhattbhatt and A.F. Andreasen (Re-evaluation team). 2007. Re-Evaluation of the Mafia Island Marine Park (MIMP). Report Prepared for Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and Royal Norwegian Embassy, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

\r\nC14: Francis, J. 2008. Evaluation report of the Eastern African Marine Ecoregion (EAME). Report prepared for WWF-UK and WWF-EAME

\r\nC15: Francis, J. 2008. Evaluation report of the Rufiji Mafia Kilwa Seascape Programme (RUMAKI). Report prepared for WWF-UK and RUMAKI Programme

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