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1995-1997 Publications

1997 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Mgaya, Y.D., 1997. Global warming: a threat to human societies and natural ecosystems. Tanzania Journal of Science, 22&23: 65-74.

2. Bjork, M., Weil, A., Semesi, S., and Beer, S. 1997. Photosynthetic utilization of inorganic carbon by seagrasses from Zanzibar, East Africa. Marine Biology, 129:363-366. Marine Biology, 129:363-366.

3. Ngoile, M.A.K.,; Linden, O., 1997. Lessons Learned from Eastern Africa. The Development of Policy on ICZM at National and Regional Levels. Ocean and Coastal Management, Special Issue pg 297 - 318.

4. Olafsson, E. & S.G.M. Ndaro 1997. The Impact of the mangrove crabs Uca annulipes and Dotilla fenestrata on meiobenthos. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 158: 225-231.

1997 Books and Chapters in Books

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1. Olafsson, E. & S.G.M. Ndaro. 1997. A note on the Meiofauna of Zanzibar. In: Richmond, M.D.(ed). A Guide to the seashores of Eastern Africa, and Western Indian Ocean Islands.

2. Ndaro, S.G.M. 1997. The Inshore dermasal fish species of the eastern part of Lake Tanganyika and their need for conservation. In: Jiddawi N.S. & Stanley, R.D. (eds). Fisheries stock Assessment in the Traditional Fishery Sector: The Information needs. Proceedings on the National Workshop on the Artisanal Fisheries Sector, Sept- 22-24, 1997, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

3. Francis, J., A.K. Semesi, and J. Daffa (1997). Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Tanzania. In: Linden and Lundin, C.G. The Journey From Arusha to Seychelles. Successes and Failures of Integrated Coastal Zone Management Eastern Africa and Island States. 195-211.

1996 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Horrill, J.C., W.R.T. Darwall and M. Ngoile. 1996. Development of a marine protected area: Mafia Island, Tanzania. Ambio, XXV (1) Feb. 1996.

2. McClanahan, T.R., Kamukuru, A.T., Muthiga, N.A., Yebio, M.G. & Obura, D. (1996) Effects of sea urchin reductions on algae, coral and fish populations. Conservation Biology 10: 136-154.

1996 Books and Chapters in Books

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1. Mgaya, Y.D. and Mercer, J.P., 1996. Gametogenic cycle of the abalone Haliotis tuberculata L., during conditioning in the hatchery. In: B.F. Keegan and R. O Connor (Editors), Irish Marine Science 1995. Galway University Press, Galway, Ireland, pp. 397-406.

1995 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Mgaya, Y.D., 1995. Age and growth analysis of the mosshead sculpin Clinocottus globiceps Girard from Helby Island, British Columbia. Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 11(1-2): 50-59.

2. Mgaya, Y.D., 1995. Synopsis of biological data on the European abalone (ormer), Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus 1758 (Gastropoda: Haliotidae). FAO Fisheries Synopsis, 156: 1-28.

3. Mgaya, Y.D. and Mercer, J.P., 1995. The effects of size grading and stocking density on growth performance of juvenile abalone, Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus. Aquaculture, 136: 297-312.

4. Mgaya, Y.D. and Mercer, J.P., 1995. Characterisation of size variability and the effect of intraspecific competition on the development of size variation in the abalone, Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus. Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, 95B(2): 77-86.

5. Mgaya, Y.D., Gosling, E.M., Mercer, J.P. and Donlon, J., 1995. Genetic variation at three polymorphic loci in wild and hatchery stocks of the abalone Haliotis tuberculata Linnaeus. Aquaculture, 136: 71-80.

6. Machiwa, J.F. and Hallberg, R.O. 1995. Flora and crabs in a mangrove forest partly distorted by human activities, Zanzibar. Ambio 24: 492-496.

7. Coughanowr, C, M.A.K. Ngoile and O. Linden. 1995. Coastal management in Eastern Africa including the Island States: a review of Issues and Initiatives. Ambio Vol. 24(7-8):448-457.

8. Ndaro, S.G.M. & Olafsson, E. 1995. A note on the selection of Meiobenthic prey by Gerres oyena in a tropical lagoon in Eastern Africa. Ambio, 24: 517-519.

9. Ndaro, S.G.M., S. Sjoling & E. Olafsson. 1995. Small-scale variation in major Meiofaunal taxa and sediment chemistry in Tropical sediments. Ambio, 24: 470-474.

10. Olafsson, E., R.W. Johnstone & S.G.M. Ndaro. 1995. Effects of intensive seaweed farming on the meiobenthos in a tropical lagoon. J. Exp. Mar. Biol. Ecol. 191: 101-117.

1995 Books and Chapters in Books

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