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1998 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Nzali, L.M., Johnstone, R. and Mgaya, Y.D., 1998. Factors affecting coral recruitment on a nearshore reef in Tanzania. Ambio, 27(8): 717-722.

2. Semesi, A.K., Mgaya, Y.D., Muruke, M.H.S., Francis, J., Mtolera, M. and Msumi, G., 1998. Coastal resources utilization and conservation issues in Bagamoyo. Ambio, 27(8): 635-644.

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8. Kyewalyanga, M., J. Francis, and R. Johnstone (1998) The Development of a Scientifc Forum in the Western Indian Ocean Region. AMBIO. Vol. 27, No. 8, 774-778.

1998 Books and Chapters in Books

(a) Books

1. Francis, J. 1998. Analysis and evaluation of Integrated coastal management initiatives in Eastern and Southern Africa region. IMS/1998/06. 55pp. (b) Chapters in Books