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2001 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Mgaya, Y.D., 2001. Experimental spat collecting of the edible oyster, Saccostrea cucullata Born (Bivalvia) in the Kunduchi Creek, Dar es Salaam. Tanzania Journal of Science, 27A: 67-81.

2. Lugomela, C., Bergman, B. and Waterbury, J. (2001). Cyanobacterial diversity and nitrogen fixation in coastal areas around Zanzibar, Tanzania. Algological Studies 103: 95-116.

3. Lugomela, C., Wallberg, P. and Nielsen, T.G. (2001). Plankton composition and cycling of carbon during the rainy season in a tropical coastal ecosystem, Zanzibar, Tanzania Journal of Plankton Research 23: 1121-1136.

2001 Books and Chapters in Books

(a) Books

1. Kulindwa, K., Sosovele, H. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2001. Socio-Economic Dimensions of Biodiversity Loss in Tanzania. Dar es Salaam University Press, Dar es Salaam. 127 pp.

2. Mgaya, Y.D., Mwamsojo, G.U.J., Lema, R., Sobo, F.A.S., Kimaro, S., Maly, R., Mwanuo, M., Mhitu, H.A., Kalangahe, B., Mwaipopo, D., Mahenge, J., Masanja, F., Mbyopyo, S., Lugazo, Z., Shao, A., Haule, W. and Haws, M., 2001. Tanzania Mariculture Guidelines Source Book. Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership, University of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Centre and United States Agency for International Development. 206 pp. + Appendices 1-2.

(b) Chapters in Books

1. Muhando, C., Mgaya, Y. and Daffa, J., 2001. Coastal resources and their use. In: Eastern Africa Atlas of Coastal Resources: Tanzania. UNEP, Nairobi, Kenya, pp. 49-76.

2. Mgaya, Y.D. and Juma, S., 2001. Integrated coastal zone management in Tanzania. In: C. Voabil and S. Engdahl (Editors), The Voyage from Seychelles to Maputo: Successes and Failures of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Eastern Africa and Island States, 1996-2001. Volume I. Eastern African Mainland Country and Regional Reports. SEACAM, Maputo, Mozambique, pp. 123-149.

3. Hansen, G., Turquet, J., Quod, J.P. Ten-Hage, Lugomela, C., Kyewalyanga, M., Hurbungs, M., Wawiye, P., Ogongo, B., Tunje, S. and Rakotoarinjanahary, H. (2001). Potentially harmful microalgae of the western Indian Ocean a guide based on a preliminary survey, IOC manual and Guides No. 41. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.

4. Ngoile, M.A.K. 2001. The Challenges of Integrating Marine Science with Coastal management in the Western Indian Ocean Region. In Richmond M.D. and Francis, J. (eds.). Marine Sciences Development in Tanzania and Eastern Africa. Proceedings of the 20th Anniversary Conference on Advances in Marine Science in Tanzania 28 June- 1 July 1999, Zanzibar, Tanzania. IMS/WIOMSA. 19-28pg

5. Shoko, A.P.A., F.M. Urassa and S.G.M. Ndaro. 2001. Study on the Effects of Stocking Density on Growth Performance of Oreochromis variabilis (BOUL.) fry under Aquaculture conditions. In: Ndaro, S.G.M.and Kishimba, M. (Eds.) Proceedings of the LVEMP- Tanzania 2001 Scientific Conference, 6-10 th August, 2001 BOT Training Institute, Mwanza Tanzania. 439 pg.

6. Francis, J., S. Mahongo, and A.K. Semesi. (2001). The Coastal Environment. In: UNEP/DGIC/URT/UDSM (eds), Eastern Africa Atlas of Coastal Resources: Tanzania. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya, pp 9-47.

7. Ngoile, M.A.K. and J. Francis (2001). Management of the Coastal and Marine Environment: Legal and Institutional Framework. In: UNEP/DGIC/URT/UDSM (eds), Eastern Africa Atlas of Coastal Resources: Tanzania. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi, Kenya, pp 77-104.

8. Francis, J. and I. Bryceson (2001). Tanzanian Coastal and Marine Resources: Some Examples Illustrating Questions of Sustainable Use. In: Ahmed, J. et. al. (eds),Lessons Learned: Case Studies in Sustainable Use. IUCN. pp. 74-100.