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2008 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Lyimo, T.J., Mvungi, E.F. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2008. Abundance and diversity of seagrass and macrofauna in the inter-tidal areas with and without seaweed farming activities in the east coast of Zanzibar. Tanzania Journal of Science 34: 41-52.

2. Kimirei, I.A. and Mgaya, Y.D. and Chande, A.I., 2008. Changes in species composition and abundance of commercially important fish population in Kigoma Area, Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management 11(1): 29-35.

3. Martin, K., Aloyce W. M., Takashi A., and Shilla D. A., 2008. Modelling faecal streptococci mortality in constructed wetlands implanted with Eichhornia crassipes. Wetlands Ecology and Management. 16 (6) 499-510.

4. Shilla, D. A., and Dativa Joseph, 2008. Biomass dynamics of charophyte-dominated submerged macrophyte communities in Myall Lake, NSW, Australia. Chemistry and Ecology 24 (5):367 - 377

5. Shilla, D. A., Qadah, D., Kalibbala, M., 2008. Distribution of heavy metals in dissolved, particulate and biota in the Scheldt estuary, Belgium. Journal of Chemistry and Ecology. 24 (1):61 - 74.

6. Mfilinge PL, Tsuchiya M. (2008) Effect of temperature on leaf litter consumption by grapsid crabs in a subtropical mangrove (Okinawa, Japan). Journal of Sea Research 59:94-102.

7. Bauer, K., Di´┐Żez, B., Lugomela, C., Seppalla, S., Borg, A.J. and Bergman, B. (2008). Variability in benthic diazotrophy and cyanobacterial diversity in a tropical intertidal lagoon. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 63: 205-221.

8. Mwita, C.J. and Nkwengulila, G. (2008) Molecular phylogeny of the Clariid fishes of Lake Victoria, Tanzania, inferred from cytochrome b DNA sequences. Journal of Fish Biology, 73:1139-1148.

9. Mwita, C.J. and Nkwengulila, G. (2008) Determinants of the parasite community of clariid fishes from Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Journal of Helminthology, 82: 7-16.

10. Hiroyuki Fujimura, Tomihiko Higuchi, Kazuyo Shiroma, Takemitsu Arakaki, Asha Mansour Hamdun, Yoshikatsu Nakano, Tamotsu Oomori, 2008. Continuous-flow completemixing system for assessing the effects of environmental factors on colony-level coral metabolism, J. Biochem. Biophys. Methods 70, 865-872 (2008).

11. Ideva, RJ., Machiwa, J. Schiemer F and Hein, T. 2008. Effect of an impoundment on nutrient dynamics in the Kihansi River, Tanzania. African J. Aquatic Sci. 33: 181-188.

12. Vousden, LEP Scott, W. Sauer, T.G. Bornman, M. Ngoile, J. Stapley and J.R.E. Lutjeharms. 2008. Establishing a basis for the ecosystem management in the western Indian Ocean. South African Journal of Science, 104: 417-420 pp.

13. Gheerardyn, H., M. De Troch, S.G.M. Ndaro, M. Raes, M. Vincx and A. Vanreusel. 2008. Community Structure and microhabitat preferences of Harpacticoid copepods in a tropical reef lagoon (Zanziibar Island, Tanzania). Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 88(4) 747-758.

14. Kibwage, J., P.O. Onyango and H. Bakamwesigwa. 2008. Local Institutions for sustaining Wetland resources and community Livelihoods in the Lake Victoria basin. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 2 (5):97-106.

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