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2011 Publications in Refereed Journals

1. Kimirei, I.A., Nagelkerken, I., Griffioen, B.,.Wagner, C. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2011. Ontogenetic habitat use by mangrove/seagrass-associated coral reef fishes shows flexibility in time and space. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 92: 47-58.

2. Igulu, M.M., Nagelkerken, I., Fraaije, R., van Hintum, R., Ligtenberg, H. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2011. The potential role of visual cues for microhabitat selection during the early life phase of a coral reef fish (Lutjanus fulviflamma). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 401: 118-125.

3. Yahya, S.A.S., Gullstrom, M., A hman, M.C., Jiddawi, N.S., Andersson, M.H., Mgaya, Y.D. and Lindahl, U., 2011. Coral bleaching and habitat effects on colonization of reef fish assemblages: an experimental study. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 94: 16-23.

4. Shoko, A.P., Getabu, A., Mwayuli, G. and Mgaya, Y.D., 2011. Growth performance, yields and economic benefits of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus and kales Brassica oleracea cultured under vegetable-fish culture integration. Tanzania Journal of Science 37: 37-48.

5. Hamerlynck, O., Duvail, S.,Vandepitte, L., Kindinda, K.,, Nyingi, D.W., Paul, J.-L., Yanda, P.Z., Mwakalinga, A.B., Mgaya, Y.D. and Snoeks, J., 2011. To connect or not to connect " floods, fisheries and livelihoods in the Lower Rufiji floodplain lakes, Tanzania. Hydrological Sciences Journal 56 (8): 1436-1451.

6. Dativa J. Shilla, Makoto Tsuchiya & Daniel A. Shilla (2011): Terrigenous nutrient and organic matter in a subtropical river estuary, Okinawa, Japan: origin, distribution and pattern across the estuarine salinity gradient, Chemistry and Ecology, 27:6, 523-542

7. Dativa, J., and Shilla, D.A., 2011. The effects of catchment land use on water quality and macroinvertebrate communities in Otara creek, New Zealand. Chemistry and Ecology. 27 (5):445-460.

8. Shilla, D. A. and Dativa J., 2011. Speciation of heavy metals in sediments from the Scheldt estuary, Belgium. Chemistry and Ecology.27 (1):1-11.

9. Shayo, D., Lugomela, C. and Machiwa, J.F. (2011) Influence of land use patterns on some limnological characteristics in the south-eastern part of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Aquatic Ecosystem Health and Management. 14(3): 246 - 251.

10. Lyimo, T.J., Mamboya, F., Hamisi, M. and Lugomela, C. (2011) Food

11. preference of the sea urchin Tripneustes gratilla (Linnaeus, 1758) in tropical seagrass habitats at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment. 3(13), 415-423.

12. Ogoyi, D.O., Mwita, C.J., Nguu, E.K., and Shiundu, P.M. (2011) Determination of heavy metal content in water, sediment and microalgae from Lake Victoria, East Africa. The Open Environmental Engineering Journal, 4, 156-161.

13. Mwita C.J. (2011) Variabilty in parasites structural patterns with respect to manmade disturbances in Mwanza gulf, Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Tanzania Journal of Science, 37: 49-57.

14. Mwita C.J (2011) Host-parasites relationship for Lake Victoria clariid fishes and their parasite fauna. Tanzania Journal of Science, 37: 179-185. (Short communication).

15. Ishengoma, E.B., Jiddawi, N.S., Tamatamah, R.A. and Mmochi, A.J., 2011. Wild Black-lip Pearl Oyster (Pinctada margaritifera) Spat Collection in Tanzania. Western Indian Ocean J. Mar. Sci., 10 (1): 49-57.

16. Callens M., Gheerardyn H., Ndaro S.G.M., De Troch M., and Vanreusel A. 2011. Harpacticoid copepod colonization of coral fragments in a tropical reef lagoon (Zanzibar, Tanzania). Journal of the Marine Biology Association of the United Kingdom.

17. Onyango, P. O and S. Jentoft 2011. Climbing the Hill: Poverty alleviation, Gender Relationships, and Womens Social Entrepreneurship in Lake Victoria Tanzania. MAST 10(2): 117-140 ISSN 1872-7859

2011 Books and Chapters in Books

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(b) Chapters in Books

1. Semesi, S. 2011. Seaweed Farming in WIO region - A Success Story? In Troell, M., Hecht, T., Beveridge, M., Stead, S., Bryceson, I., Kautsky, N., Ollevier, F., Mmochi, A. (eds.) (2011) Mariculture in the WIO region - Challenges and Prospects. WIOMSA Book Series No. 11. viii + 59pp.

2. Richmond M., Lugendo B., Francis J., and Mutta D. 2011. A Schoolteacher s Guide to Marine Environmental Education in the Western Indian Ocean region. Second Edition. UNEP/Nairobi Convention Secretariat and WIOMSA. 2010. UNEP/Nairobi Convention Secretariat and WIOMSA. ix + 75 pp.ISBN 9987-651-02X. Dar es Salaam City Environment Outlook 2011. Chapter 6: Aquatic Resources and Management (Contributing Expert). ISBN: 9987-8990-6-4.

3. Van Zwol, C. and J. Francis. 2011. In Misdorp, R (ed). Climate of Coastal Cooperation. 208. Capacity building essential for management of Marine Protected Areas. 155-158.

4. Kibwage J, H. Bakamwesigwa, P. Onyango and P. Ndemere. Living on Wetland Resources: Extent of Community Dependence on Wetlands Ecosystem in Lake Victoria Basin. In under preparation. (Forthcoming)

5. Onyango, P. O. 2011. Occupation of last resort? Small-scale fishing in Lake Victoria, Tanzania.. In Jentoft S. and A. Eide (Eds.). Poverty Mosaics: A better future in small-scale fisheries. Springer Verlag. Dordrecht Heidelberg. pp 97 - 124 ISBN 978-94-007-1581-3. DOI 10.1007/978-007-1582-0.