Dr. Lulu Tunu Kaaya

Lulu Tunu Kaaya

1.6 Address:
University of Dar es Salaam\r\nDepartment of Fisheries Science and Aquaculture
\r\nP.O. Box 35064, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
\r\nTel: 255-22-2410462;
Fax: 255-22-2410480
\r\nMobile: +255-785 003 752

2.0 Education
\r\n2.1 University/College/Institute attended, Qualification obtained and dates
\r\nUniversity of Cape Town, Ph.D in Zoology, 2010-Todate
\r\nUniversity of Dar es Salaam, M.Sc. (Aquatic Sciences), 2004 – 2007
\r\nUniversity of Dar es Salaam, B.Sc. (Hons) Microbiology and Aquatic Sciences,\r\n2001 – 2004

\r\n2.2 Schools attended, Level of Education and Dates
\r\nLutheran Junior Seminary, Form VI (A Level), 1998 – 2000
\r\nSt. Mary’s, Mazinde Juu, Form IV (O Level), 1994 – 1997\r\nTumbi, Primary School Education, 1987 - 1993

\r\n3.0 Academic Posts Held at University of Dar es Salaam\r\nAssistant Lecturer, August 2007-todate\r\nTutorial Assistant, November 2006- August 2007

\r\n4.0 Administrative posts held at University of Dar es Salaam\r\nAssistant Coordinator Undergraduate Programme- Faculty of Aquatic Sciences\r\nand Technology 2007/2008\r\nAssistant Coordinator ARIS- Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and Technology\r\n2008/2009

\r\n6.0 Professional Affiliation\r\nWestern Indian Ocean Marine Scientists Association (WIOMSA)\r\nEast African Water Association (EAWA)

7. 0 Awards and Grants\r\n2008: Research Programme on Sustainable Use of Dryland Biodiversity (RPSUD)\r\nGrant for conducting a research on the roles of key players in Biodiversity\r\nGovernance and Management within Lake Manyara sub-Basin, Tanzania.

\r\n2007: MAB –Unesco Awards for Young Scientists, for carrying out scientific\r\nresearches.

\r\n2004: Professor Adelaide Semesi (PAKS) award for being the Best Final Year\r\nFemale Student in Aquatic Science Major during the academic year 2003/2004 at\r\nthe University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\n8.0 Research/Consultancy
\r\n2010-Todate: Bio assessment of Tanzanian Rivers using aquatic macro\r\ninvertebrates. PhD Research Project, University of Cape Town.\r\n2011: Marine survey of the Mtwara port area. A report submitted to Kaskim\r\nConsultancy\r\n2008: Assessing the roles of key players in Biodiversity Governance and\r\nManagement within Lake Manyara sub-Basin, Tanzania.

\r\n2007-2008: The role of Indigenous knowledge on management of Lake Manyara\r\nwetland, Tanzania.

\r\n2004 - 2007: M.Sc. Research on Phytoplankton diversity and productivity with\r\nemphasis on the bloom dynamics of the potentially toxic cyanobacterium\r\nArthrospira fusiformis in the Momela Lakes, Arusha, Tanzania.

\r\n2006 – 2007: Participation in the Pangani Basin Environmental Flow and Health\r\nAssessment as a River Ecologist\r\nFeb. – March 2005: Working with TCMP (Tanzania Coastal Management\r\nProgramme) in training local fishermen on coral reef monitoring for participation\r\nin Integrated Coastal Management in Bagamoyo district.\r\nOct. – June 2004: Coral Reef Monitoring and Assessment Final Year Research\r\nProject, University of Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\nJune – August 2002: Assessment of Marine Keystone Ecosystems. Participation\r\nin Integrated Coastal Zone Management. Practical training at University of Dar-\r\nEs-Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\nJune – July 2002: Coral Reef Monitoring in Dar es Salaam Marine Reserve\r\nSystem. For Kinondoni Integrated Coastal Area Management Programme\r\n(KICAMP), Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\n9.0 Teaching/Supervision\r\n2011: Co-supervising a Masters student in Ecohydrology in Sigi River.\r\n2008/2009 academic year: Taught Water quality and pollution control and Coral\r\nreef Ecology to undergraduate students\r\n2007/2008 academic year: Supervise undergraduate practical training at TAFIRI\r\nand IMS.

\r\n10.0 Conferences and workshops attended\r\nSeptember 2012: Southern African River Assessment Scheme (SAFRASS)\r\nworkshop in Lusaka, Zambia.\r\nJuly, 2012 : Ecohydrology International summer training, University of Algarve,\r\nPortugal\r\nJanuary, 2007: IFS – WIOMSA Workshop on Priority Research Agenda for\r\nCoastal and Environment in Tanzania.\r\n23rd -30th July, 2005: Lake Bogoria Management: Using ecological information to\r\nunderpin Intergrated Management Plans in Rift Valley Lakes (Science of Soda\r\nLakes).

\r\n11.0. Publications
\r\n11.1 Publication in refereed journal\r\nKaaya Lulu Tunu, Charles Lugomela and Yunus Daud Mgaya. (2007). Spatial\r\nand Temporal Variations in Phytoplankton Species Composition, Abundance,\r\nBiomass and Productivity in Selected Momela Lakes, Arusha, Tanzania.\r\nDiscovery and Innovation. RPSUD special edition No. 1. Vol. 19: s25-s31

\r\n11.2 Non refereed publication/reports\r\nKaaya Lulu Tunu.

(2008). Assessing the roles of key players in Biodiversity\r\nGovernance and Management within Lake Manyara sub-Basin, Tanzania. RPSUD\r\nsmall research grants projects. 31pp.\r\nKaaya Lulu Tunu.

(2008). The role of Indigenous knowledge on management of\r\nLake Manyara wetland, Tanzania. UNESCO/MABnet. 30pp

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