Prof. John F. Machiwa

\r\nProf. J.F. MACHIWA

\r\n\r\n1.6 Address:
University of Dar es Salaam
\r\nDepartment of Aquatic Science and Fisheries
\r\nP.O. Box 35064, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
\r\nTel: 255-22-2410462;
Fax: 255-22-2410480

\r\n2.0 Education
\r\n2.1 Schools attended, Level of Education and Dates\r\nShirati Pry. School Primary Education ��������1963 - 1969
\r\nNsumba Sec. School Ordinary Level Ed. ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������1970 - 1973
\r\nMoshi Sec School Advanced Level Ed.������������������������������������������ ������������������������������������������1974 - 1975
\r\nNational Service ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������1976

\r\n2.2 University/College/Institute attended, Qualification obtained and dates
\r\nUniversity of Stockholm (Sweden) PhD in Biogeochemistry,���������������� 1996 - June 1999.\r\nPhD thesis topic was Fate of organic carbon in a tropical mangrove ecosystem.
\r\nUniversity of Wales (UK) M.Phil. �������������������������������������������������������1986/87 - 1987/88\r\nI studied Chemical Oceanography. The M.Phil thesis topic is Geochemical\r\ncycling of trace metals in a polluted environment.
\r\nUniversity of Dar es Salaam B.Sc (Ed)��������������������������������������� ���������1981/82 - 1983/84\r\nI studied Chemistry, Botany and Education.
\r\nKunduchi Fisheries Institute Dip.Fisheries ��������������������������������������������1977 - 1979\r\nI studied both fresh water and marine science subjects.

\r\n3.0 Academic Posts Held at University of Dar es Salaam
\r\nTutorial Assistant����������������� 1984 - 1987
Assistant Lecturer��������������� 1987 - 1993
Lecturer������������������������ ������1993 - 2000
\r\nSenior Lecturer������������������� 2000 - 2005
Associate Professor������������ 2005 - 2011
\r\nProfessor����������������� �����������2011 - to date

\r\n4.0 Other Duties and Awards
\r\n4.1 Administrative posts held at University of Dar es Salaam\r\nHead, Department of Aquatic Environment and Conservation 2002 � 2006
\r\nDean, Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and Technology �����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������2007 � 2009
Deputy Principal � Administration Mkwawa University College of Education\r\n2009 - 2012

\r\n4.2 Other duties within and outside the University of Dar es salaam\r\nCoordinator, Support to Riparian University Component of Lake Victoria\r\nEnvironmental Management Project (LVEMP) phase I ������������������������1998 - 2008
\r\nCoordinator Sida/SAREC Bilateral Marine Programme (FAST)���������� 2002 � 2008
\r\nCoordinator PUMPSEA project (FAST) ��������������������������������������������2005 � 2008
\r\nBoard member Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute��������������������������� 2009 � 2012
\r\nMember of Board of Trustees Marine Parks and Reserves Unit �����������2009 � 2012
\r\nMember of the LVEMP phase II National Technical Advisory Committee

\r\n4.3 Awards\r\nBritish Council scholarship������������������������ 1986 � 1988
\r\nSida/SAREC Regional Programme in Marine Sciences� 1995 � 1999
\r\nBest Worker (Academic) University of Dar es Salaam ��2005

5.0 Posts held outside University of Dar es Salaam
\r\nFisheries Assistant (Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism) ������1979 - 1982
\r\nAsst. Fisheries Officer (Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism) 1982 - 1984

\r\n6.0 Teaching/Supervision\r\n6.1 Undergraduate teaching\r\nI teach the following courses:\r\n(1).Oceanography (2).Aquatic Resources and Management (3).Aquatic Pollution\r\n(4). Aquatic Biology (5). Water Quality and Pollution control

\r\n6.2 Postgraduate teaching and research
\r\n6.2.1 I am teaching Aquatic Ecology and Pollution (Master of Integrated Environmental\r\nManagement)
\r\n6.2.2 I have supervised/examined the following:
\r\n6.2.2.1. MSc-Aspects of heavy metal pollution in Mwanza Gulf of Lake Victoria by Ms.\r\nMary A. Kishe.(2001)
\r\n6.2.2.2. MSc-Some aspects of heavy metal contamination of Mangrove ecosystems in\r\nTanzania by Ms. Sarah Mremi. (2001).
\r\n6.2.2.3. MSc- A study of mercury levels in some selected animal tissues at Mgusu\r\nmining area, Geita in Mwanza, Tanzania. By Ms. Hilda D. Lyatuu (2002)
\r\n6.2.2.4. MSc- The influence of land-use patterns in the Ruvu River watershed on\r\nWater quality in the river system by Ms. Elizabeth Ngoye (2004)
\r\n6.2.2.5. MSc- Nutrients and phytoplankton dynamics in selected area in Lake Victoria,\r\nTanzania by Ms. Salome Shayo (2007)
\r\n6.2.2.6. MSc- Assessment of heavy metal pollution in sediment and biota in\r\nKizinga stream, Mtoni, Dar es Salaam by Ms. Maimuna Hassan (2006)
\r\n6.2.2.7. PhD-Biogeochemical processes and the impact of the hydropower dam along\r\nthe Kihansi River by Ms. Radhia Ideva (University of Vienna, IECB)\r\n(continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.8. PhD- Phytoplankton production and nitrogen fixation in relation to physico
\r\n\r\n\r\nchemical factors in southern Lake Victoria by Pazi Semili (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.9. PhD- Nutrients dynamics and phytoplankton productivity in Pangani estuary,\r\nTanzania by Sihaba Mwaitega (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.10. External examiner- School of Environmental Studies, Moi University\r\nD.Phil. thesis �Cleaner Production Potential at Rupa Woolen Textile Mill,\r\nEldoret, Kenya�, by Starovoitova D. Madara.
\r\n6.2.2.11. MSc- Levels and distribution of PAHs in interstitial water, surface sediment\r\nand oysters from the intertidal areas of Dar es Salaam coast by Lydia Gaspare\r\nKenyairita (2006)
\r\n6.2.2.12. MSc (Environmental Science)� Heavy metal pollution in sediment, water and\r\nfauna from Mzinga Creek and Ras Dege mangrove ecosystems, Dar es Salaam.\r\nAugustina Mtanga (2007)
\r\n6.2.2.13. PhD � Temporal variations in stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes composition\r\nand heavy metal levels in coral reef and sediment cores off Dar es Salaam and\r\nZanzibar by Ophrey Ilomo (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.14. PhD � Wetland processes governing the buffering of nitrogen and phosphorus\r\nin Nyashishi wetland, Lake Victoria. Baraka Sekadende (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.15. Master of Integrated Environmental Management (MIEM)- Nitrogen nutrients\r\nremoval efficiency of constructed mangrove wetland. Edwin S. Gomezulu (2007)
\r\n6.2.2.16. Examined M.Env.Studies thesis �Effects of pollution on the Motoine River\r\nDams, Kenya� by Mr. Rogan L. Miheso (2008)
\r\n6.2.2.17. Examined M.Env.Studies thesis �Solid waste management practices in\r\nMachakos Town, Kenya� by Ms. Margaret K. Masaku (2008)
\r\n6.2.2.18. PhD � The impact of grazing on plant species diversity, water and soil physicohemical\r\nparameters in Kilombero flood plain. Godfrey Frederk (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.19. PhD � Anthropogenic and climatic influences on nutrient and organic matter\r\ndynamics in the Rufiji Delta mangroves, Tanzania. Andrew Minu (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.20. PhD � Determination of selected heavy metals and their protein expression in\r\nblood cockles, Anadara antiquata L. 1758, along the coastal areas of Tanzania\r\nJoyce John Kulekana (continuing)
\r\n6.2.2.21. PhD � Biomagnification of radionuclides, heavy metals and organo-chlorines in\r\nthe food chain from marine environment along the coast of Tanzania. Sharifa\r\nBungala (continuing)

\r\n7.0 Conferences and workshops attended
\r\n7.1 Attended a course on Analytical techniques in Marine chemistry at the University of\r\nOslo, Nov.1989 - June 1990
\r\n7.2 Attended workshop on nutrients dynamics in the marine environment at IMS -\r\nZanzibar, June 1991.
\r\n7.3 Attended workshop on Intercalibration exercise - Nutrients analysis at IMS -\r\nZanzibar, Nov. 1991.
\r\n7.4 Attended a training workshop on ERS 1 and SPOT (remote sensing) as a\r\ncomplimentary method of coastal resources management in July, 1992.
\r\n7.5 Attended workshop on Biogeochemical cycles in the Marine environment in Zanzibar, Nov, 1992 and Seychelles, April, 1995
\r\n7.6 Attended workshop on Intercalibration - Nutrient analysis at KMFRI -\r\nMombasa, April, 1994.
\r\n7.6 Attended a course on Experimental design, at IMS April 1997
\r\n7.7 Ecology, physiology and management of mangroves, IMS December 1997
\r\n7.8 Attended Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP) National\r\nScientific conference in Mwanza- 6th - 10th August, 2001.
\r\n7.9 Attended Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Regional Scientific\r\nconference in Kisumu, Kenya 3rd - 7th December, 2001.
\r\n7.10 Attended a workshop by InWEnt on Integrated Coastal Management\r\n(COASTMAN Regional milestone and Training workshop) in Maputo 20th � 26th\r\nFebruary 2005.
\r\n7.11 Attend stakeholder workshop on Lessons Learnt from LVEMP I implementation\r\nin Mwanza, 11th to 13th August 2005.
\r\n7.12 Attended a stakeholder workshop on Transboundary diagnostic analysis for the\r\nLake Victoria basin, Mwanza, 19th to 22nd March 2006.
\r\n7.13 Attended workshop of Regional working group on Water, Sediment and Biota\r\nquality component of the UNEP/GEF-WIO-Lab Project �Addressing Land-based\r\nActivities in the Western Indian Ocean� , Durban, RSA, 3rd to 6th August 2005.
\r\n7.14 Attended a Regional Train of trainer COASTMAN Southern Africa workshop on\r\nIntegrated Coastal Zone Management and the concept of marine/coastal protected\r\nareas organized by InWent. Cape Town, RSA, 19th to 25th Nov. 2006.
\r\n7.15 Attended workshop of Regional working group on Water, Sediment and Biota\r\nquality component of the UNEP/GEF-WIO-Lab Project �Addressing Land-based\r\nActivities in the Western Indian Ocean�, Mauritius, 7th to 11th February 2006.
\r\n7.16 Attended second annual workshop on Peri-urban mangroves as filters and potential\r\nphytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa (PUMPSEA), EU funded,\r\nMaputo-Mozambique, 19th to 25th February 2006
\r\n7.17 Attended second annual workshop on Peri-urban mangroves as filters and potential\r\nphytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa (PUMPSEA), EU funded,\r\nMombasa, 4th to 9th February 2007
\r\n7.18 Attended workshop of Regional working group on Water, Sediment and Biota\r\nquality component of the UNEP/GEF-WIO-Lab Project �Addressing Land-based\r\nActivities in the Western Indian Ocean�, Maputo-Mozambique 18th to 20th July\r\n2007

\r\n8.0. Publications
\r\n8.1 Publication in refereed journal
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\r\n8.2 Book and chapters in Books
\r\n8.2.1. Machiwa J, Rutagemwa D, Rwetabula J, Myanza O, Mnyanga V, Lupeja P. and\r\nMwanuzi F. Pesticides and Metal Contamination. In: Lake Victoria Water Quality\r\nand Management, Chap. 10. (In press)

\r\n8.3 Conference Proceedings
\r\n8.3.1. Machiwa, J.F. 1989. Heavy metal load in Estuarine Sediments contaminated by\r\nacidic mine drainage. Proceedings of workshop on Environmental Pollution and\r\nits Management in Eastern Africa. Faculty of Science, UDSM, 11th - 15th\r\nSept.1989. p.236 -240.

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\r\nNational Marine park and Diani beach, Kenya. In: Coral ecosystems workshop,\r\nMalindi, Kenya. 25th sept. - 6th Oct. 1989. Rapport technique No. 2\r\nCOMAR/UNESCO. p. 38-44

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\r\n8.4 Non refereed publication/reports
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\r\n8 5 Consultancy Reports
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\r\n8.5.11 MoWI 2008 Project Document, Lake Victoria Environmental Management\r\nProject Phase II submitted by The Ministry of Water and Irrigation, United\r\nRepublic of Tanzania.

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\r\n8.5.13 Machiwa, J.F., Shilla, D., Wagner, G.M. and Kabigumila, J. 2008. Report on\r\nAquatic Ecosystems short course conducted from 6th � 20th June 2008 at Grand\r\nImperial Hotel, Kampala for Applied Training Project, Nile Basin Initiative.
\r\n Publications or Reports that have not yet been submitted for promotion purposes

\r\n Date: March 2013\r\n

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