Dr. R.A. Tamatamah

Dr. Rashid Adam TAMATAMAH

University of Dar es Salaam, P.O. Box 35064, Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA.
\r\nTelephone: +255-22-2410462 (Office)
\r\n+255-78-4804538 (Mobile)
\r\nFax: +255-22-2410480\r\nE-mail:


Qualification                                                                             Dates                                                           Universities/Colleges/Schools
Ph.D. (Limnology)                                                                   1998-2002                                               University of Waterloo, Canada
M.Sc. (Aquaculture & Fish. Mgnt.)                                          1989-1990                                              University of Stirling, Scotland/Schools
B.Sc. (ed) (Upper Second class)                                              1985-1988                                              University of Dar es Salaam, TZ
Diploma (1st, Fisheries Science)                                               1981-1983                                              Kunduchi Fisheries Inst., DAR, TZ
Certificate (1st, Fisheries Science)                                            1979-1981                                              Nyegezi Fisheries Inst., Mwanza, TZ
Secondary School Education                                                    1975-1978                                              Pugu Secondary School, DAR, TZ

\r\nPost                                                                                       Dates
Senior Lecturer                                                                      July 2006 - Present
Lecturer                                                                                 June 2002–June 2006
Assistant Lecturer                                                                  August 1992–May 2002

Post                                                                                                        Date
Assistant Fisheries Officer II;                                                                    July 1981- July 1983
Assistant Fisheries Officer I                                                                      August 1983-July 1988
Fisheries Officer                                                                                      August 1988-July 1992
Tutor, Kunduchi Fisheries Institute, Dar es Salaam, TZ                             1984-1992


\r\n• November 2009–2012: Board Member – Institute of Marine Sciences, Zanzibar

\r\n• June 2009 - 2012: Member of the Editorial Board of the Tanzania Journal of Science

\r\n• April 2009-2012: Board Member – College of Natural and Applied Sciences (CoNAS)

\r\n• April 2009-Dec. 2010: Head, Department of Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries

\r\n• 2002-2008: Board Member - Faculty of Aquatic Sciences and Technology (FAST)

\r\n• 2003-2008: Head, Department of Fisheries Science and Aquaculture

\r\n• 2002-2003: Interim Head, Department of Fisheries Science and Aquaculture

\r\n• 2009 – 2012: Member, Board of Directors - Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute (TAFIRI), Ministry\r\nof Livestock Development and Fisheries.

\r\n• 2008 – To date: Tanzania National Representative – GEF funded, Equatorial Africa Deposition\r\nNetwork (EADN) Project.

\r\n• 2008: Invited Observer: First Meeting of the Steering Committee for UNESCO’s Ecohydrology\r\nProgramme. Paris, France (20-21 June 2008).

\r\n• 2008-2009: Chairperson, Fisheries Curriculum Validation Committee of the National Council for\r\nTechnical Education (NACTE).

• 2007-To date: Member, Board of Directors – Tandahimba Community Bank, Mtwara Region.

\r\n• 2003-2005: Member of Tanzania National Working Committee of the GEF/WB funded Southwest\r\nIndian Ocean Fisheries Programme (SWIOFP).

\r\n• 2002- 2004: Member of the Tanzania National Task Force on Lake Victoria Vision Building\r\nProgram.

\r\n• June 2002-June 2003: Member of the Steering Committee of the Project on Biodiversity and Human-\r\nWildlife Interface in Western Serengeti. Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute, Arusha.

\r\n• 1990-1992: Training Officer, Kunduchi Fisheries Institute, Dar es Salaam.

\r\n• 1988-1989: Deputy Training Officer, Kunduchi Fisheries Institute, Dar es Salaam.

\r\nSociety Dates (Since)\r\nWestern Indian Ocean Marine Science Association 1995

\r\nNetwork of Tropical Fisheries Scientists (Manila) 1990

\r\nNetwork of Tropical Aquaculture Scientists (Manila) 1990\r\n8. AWARDS
\r\n• 1999-2000: African Dissertation Internship Award RF 97034 # 796, The Rockerfeller\r\nFoundation, New York (Support to Ph.D. Field Research in Lake Victoria, Tanzania).

\r\n• 1998-2002: Lake Victoria Environment Management Project (LVEMP) Scholarship (PhD Training,\r\nUniv. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada).

\r\n• 1989-1990: Commonwealth Scholarship (M.Sc. Training, Univ. of Stirling, Scotland-UK).

\r\n• 1983: Best student in Fisheries Diploma course 1981-1983.

\r\n• 1981: Director of Fisheries Award - Best student in Fisheries Certificate course 1979-1981


\r\n9.1 Teaching\r\nAcademic Year 2009/10: AF 203: Principles of Aquaculture (2 units, 15 weeks); AF 201: Ecology of\r\nInland Waters; (2 units, 15 weeks); AV 304: Watershed Management (2 units, 15 weeks).
\r\n9.2 Supervised and Examined Postgraduate Theses:

\r\n• Kilungu, H. 2008. Assessment of Water requirements to sustain ecological functions: the case of\r\nMasaai Mara River, Kenya. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Dar es Salaam. 85 p

\r\n• Ngowo, R. G. 2009. The role of small-scale community based marine no take areas in conservation\r\nof Anadara antiquata Linneus 1758 (Pelecypoda: Arcidae) in Fumba Peninsular, Unguja Island. M.Sc.\r\nThesis, University of Dar es Salaam. 93 p

\r\n• Ishengoma, E. 2009. Feasibility of blacklip oysters (Pinctada margaritifera, linnaeus, 1758) half-pearl\r\ncuture in Tanzania. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Dar es Salaam. 67 p

\r\n• Grayson, J.M. 2009. Seasonal variability in fisheries of large pelagics in relation to oceanographic\r\nand atmospheric parameters in Kinondoni District, Tanzania. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Dar es\r\nSalaam. 97 p

\r\n9.3 Supervision of Ongoing Postgraduate (PhD) Work

\r\n• Mateka, H. Influence of feeding regimes on nutrient dynamics and benthic macroinvertebrates in\r\nthe shrimp farm and its outflow creek in Mafia, Tanzania. Status: Submitted first thesis draft.\r\n(Ph.D. Research)

\r\n• Kanyarukiga, J.R. An investigation into the prospects of pursuing Integrated Agriculture-\r\nAquaculture Farming Systems (IAAS) in Rwanda. Status: Data analysis in progress. (Ph.D.\r\nResaerch)

Workshop and National Training Course on Fish Stock Assessment”, Mbegani,\r\nTanzania. 19 September – 14 October 1988.

\r\n• “Teaching Methodology Course”, University Teaching and Learning Improvement Programme\r\n(UTLIP), University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 3-7 May 1993.

\r\n• “Training Course on Coastal Zone Management as a Sustainable Process”, Indian Institute of\r\nTechnology (IIT), Madras, India. 19 June-27 July 1995\r\n

• “Training Course in Small Boat Operation”, Environment Canada, National Water Research\r\nInstitute, Burlington, Canada. 10-14 May 1998.

\r\n• “Training Course in Water Quality Modelling for Lake Victoria Environment Management\r\nProject”, Bureau of Industrial Cooperation, Faculty of Engineering, University of Dar es Salaam,\r\nTanzania. 15-19 November 1999.

\r\n• International Research Management Training Course. Organized by the US-Based Society of\r\nResearch Administrators International. 1-5 August 2005, University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

\r\n• The Training of Trainers Course on Mariculture Extension. Organised by USAID and WIOMSA.\r\n12-16 December 2005 Zanzibar, Tanzania.

\r\n• Environmental Flow Assessment Training Course. WWF and Global Water for Sustainability. 13 -

\r\n19 May 2006. Seasons Hotel, Narok, Kenya.


\r\n11.1 Tamatamah, R.A., 2004. Export of phosphorus from non-point sources in Tanzania: Implications\r\nfor estimating phosphorus loading to Lake Victoria. Proceedings of the 47th Annual Conference of the\r\nInternational Association for Great Lakes Research (IAGLR ’04), Waterloo, Ontario Canada. May 24-28,\r\n2004.

\r\n11.2 Tamatamah, R.A., 2004. Phosphorus and suspended sediment loading from two rivers flowing into\r\nLake Victoria in Tanzania. Proceedings of the XXIX Congress of the International Association of\r\nTheoretical and Applied Limnology (SIL), Lahti, Finland. August 8-14, 2004.

\r\n11.3 Michael McClain, Joseph Ayieko, Assefa Melesse, Praxedis Ndomba, Jay O’Keeffe,\r\nLeah Onyango, Rashid Tamatamah and Victor Wasonga.

2008. Securing water for the environment\r\nin the Mara River of Lake Victoria catchment, Kenya and Tanzania. Proceedings of the Workshop on\r\nHydrology and Ecology of the Nile River Basin Under Extreme Conditions, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. June\r\n16-19, 2008. (

\r\n11.4 Tamatamah, R.A., 2008. The status of Fish biodiversity Research in Tanzania. Proceedings of the\r\nInternational Workshop on Enhancing Freshwater Fish Biodiversity Research in Africa,\r\nGrahamstown, South Africa. November 17-21, 2008.

\r\n12.1 Publications in Refereed Journals\r\n11.1.1 Tamatamah, R.A., 2004. Phosphorus sorption characteristics of sediment in the Simiyu\r\nand Kagera River basins: Implications for Phosphorus loading into Lake Victoria. African Journal\r\nof Aquatic Sciences 29(2): 243-248

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\r\n12.2.1 Tamatamah, R.A. 2012. Current status of the native catadromous eel species Anguilla bengalensis\r\nLabiata and Anguilla mossambica in Tanzania. In Gough, P., P. Philipsen, P.P. Schollema & H.\r\nWanningen (Eds). From the sea to source: International guidance for the restoration of fish\r\nmigration highways. 300p.

\r\n13.1 Research Reports
\r\n13.1.1 Tamatamah, R.A. 1990. Mesocosm study of fertilization in relation to production of natural food\r\nfor feeding brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) fry. M.Sc. Research Project (1989-1990).

\r\n13.1.2 Tamatamah, R.A. 2002. Nonpoint Source Loading of Phosphorus to Lake Victoria from the\r\natmosphere and rural catchments in Tanzania, East Africa. Ph.D. Research Project (1998-2002).\r\n4

13.2 Consultancy/EIA Reports
\r\n13.2.1 Tamatamah, R.A., Benno, B.L., Machiwa, J.F. and Lyimo, T. 1994. Follow up studies on\r\nthe limnology and fisheries of the Mtera reservoir, ten years after impoundment. Consultancy\r\nReport to SWECO Consultants, Stockholm, Sweden.

\r\n13.2.2 Tamatamah, R.A., 1996. “River Basins Management and Smallholder Irrigation Improvement\r\nProject. Inland fisheries component of the Great Ruaha and Pangani River basins”. Consultancy\r\nReport to the Ministry of Water (Maji), Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. 72 pp

\r\n13.2.3 Tamatamah, R.A., 1997. Baseline studies on fish and invertebrates for the Bulyankulu Gold Mining\r\nProject. Consultancy Report to Kahama Mining Company Ltd., Dar es Salaam.

\r\n13.2.4 Mgaya, Y.D, Tamatamah, R.A., Mukama, S. and Suya, T.B. 2005. Baseline studies on fish and\r\naquatic invertebrates of the Buzwagi Mine project area. EIA consultancy report for Pangea\r\nMinerals Ltd. 49p

\r\n13.2.5 Benno, B.L. and Tamatamah, R.A., 2005. The status of fishing activities and strategies for\r\nimproving the fishery so that it contributes towards poverty alleviation in Ulanga District,\r\nMorogoro, Tanzania. Consultancy Report for Ulanga District Council. 96 pp.

\r\n13.2.6 Tamatamah, R.A., Mukama, S, Suya, T.B. 2006. Baseline study on the aquatic environment and\r\nfauna of the Buckreef-Busolwa project area. Environmental impact assessment studies for the\r\nBuckreef-Busolwa mine project, East Africa Mines. Consultancy Report commissioned by URS\r\nAustralia PTY Ltd, Perth, Australia. 50p

\r\n13.2.7 Tamatamah, R.A., and Suya, T.B. 2007. Environmental impact assessment studies for the\r\nKabanga Nickel Project. Baseline studies on the aquatic environment and fauna. Consultancy\r\nReport commissioned by Golder Associates Ltd, Canada.

\r\n13.2.8 Tamatamah, R.A., 2007. Assessing the Reserve for the Mara River, Kenya and Tanzania. Fisheries\r\ncomponent of the Environmental Flows Assessment of the Mara River. Consultancy report for\r\nWWF East African Regional Programme Office, Nairobi, Kenya.

\r\n13.2.9 Tamatamah, R.A., 2007. The environmental impact assessment for the development of a\r\nSoda Ash Facility at Lake Natron, Tanzania. Fisheries ecology in relation to the proposed\r\nSoda Ash Project. EIA consultancy report for Norconsult Tanzania Ltd.

\r\n13.2.10 Tamatamah, R.A., 2007. Baseline description of the aquatic ecology of the Msasani Bay in\r\nDar es Salaam, Tanzania. Environmental and Social Impact Assessment for the East Africa\r\nSubmarine Cable Systems (EASSy). Consultancy Report commissioned by Norconsult Tanzania\r\nLimited.

\r\n13.2.11 Tamatamah, R.A., 2007. Assessing the Reserves for the Wami River, Tanzania. Macroinvertebrates\r\nand Fisheries and component of the Environmental Flows Assessment of the Wami River.\r\nConsultancy report for Tanzania Coastal Management Partnership (TCMP), Dar es Salaam,\r\nTanzania.

\r\n13.2.12 Tamatamah, R.A., Kamukuru, A.T. and Robertson, D.C. 2008. Environmental and Social Impact\r\nStatement for SEACOM SUBMARINE CABLE PROJECT, Kunduchi, Kinondoni District, Dar es\r\nSalaam. Consultancy Report for SRK Eastern Africa Ltd. 98 pp

\r\n13.2.13 Tamatamah, R.A., 2009. Assessing the Reserve for the Great Ruaha River, Tanzania.\r\nMacroinvertebrates and Fisheries component of the Environmental Flows Assessment of the Great\r\nRuaha River. Consultancy report for WWF Tanzania Program Office (WWF-TPO), Dar es Salaam,\r\nTanzania.

\r\n13.2.14 Tamatamah, R.A., 2010. Tanzania National Training Plan for Agulhas and Somali Current Large\r\nMarine Ecosystems (ASCLME) project. Consultancy Report commissioned by UNDP GEF Regional\r\nproject - Agulhas and Somali Currents Large Marine Ecosystem Project. Grahamstown, South\r\nAfrica.

\r\n13.2.15 Tamatamah, R.A., 2010. Inland fisheries and aquaculture sector overviews for incorporation in\r\nIntegrated Water Resources Development and Management Plan (IWRDMP) for the Rufiji basin.\r\nConsultancy report for Ministry of Water and Irrigation through Water Resources and Energy\r\nManagement (WREM) consultants in the United States.

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