Dr. Charles Lugomela
\r\n1) Prof. James Raphael Mainoya Memorial Prize worth Tsh. 2500, donated by the\r\nFaculty of Science, University of Dar Es Salaam, for being best second year\r\nstudent in Vertebrate Anatomy and Physiology during the 1991/1992 academic\r\nyear.

\r\n2) Biology Prize worth Tsh. 500, donated by Amboni Group LTD for being best\r\nsecond year student in Zoology during the 1991/1992 academic year.

\r\n3) Biostatistics Prize worth a scientific calculator, donated by Dr. Wagner for being\r\nbest second year student in Biostatistics during the 1991/1992 academic year.

\r\n4) Sida/SAREC Scholarship for M.Sc. studies, Institute of Marine Sciences,\r\nZanzibar, University of Dar es Salaam, 1994 � 1996, completed by writing a\r\nthesis and published one article in proceedings of a scientific meeting.

\r\n5) IOC (UNESCO) research grant worth US$ 2000: Survey of potentially harmful\r\nmicroalgae in coastal waters of Zanzibar. July 1998 � June 1999, completed and\r\nco-authored a practical guide based on the work.

\r\n6) Sida/SAREC Scholarship for Ph.D. studies, Botany Department, Stockholm\r\nUniversity, Sweden, 1997 � 2002, completed by producing a dissertation with five\r\narticles published in international Journals.

\r\n7) Sida/SAREC�Faculty of Science, UDSM, core support funds, worth US$ 3000:\r\nThe autecology of the toxic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus toxicus Adachi et\r\nFukuyo (Dinophyceae) in coastal areas of Tanzania. January 2003 � December\r\n2003, completed by producing a report and publishing one article.

\r\n8) MARG-1 Grant, WIOMSA, worth US$ 6000: Diversity and spatial-temporal\r\nvariation of potentially toxic dinoflagellates (Dinophyceae) in central coastal\r\nareas of Tanzania. July 2003 � June 2004, completed by producing a report and\r\npublishing one article.\r\n

\r\n9) Research Programme on Sustainable Use of Dryland Biodiversity (RPSUD) grant,\r\nworth US$ 20000 to study Cyanobacteria composition, distribution and toxin\r\nproduction in Momela Lakes, Arusha, Tanzania. Supported one M.Sc. candidate\r\nwho has already completed, Research is ongoing until December 2007.

\r\n10) Research funds for the Peri-urban mangrove forests as filters and potential\r\nphytoremediators of domestic sewage in East Africa project (PUMPSEA) worth\r\nUS$151300. Supported 6 M.Sc. candidates who have already completed one ongoing\r\nPhD candidate and several research scientists. Research ongoing until\r\nFebruary 2008 with a number of expected papers to be published.

\r\n11) MARG-1 Grant, WIOMSA, worth US$ 6000: Ecological studies of the potentially\r\ntoxic diatoms, genus Pseudo-nitzschia (Bacillariophyceae) in the near shore waters of\r\nDar es Salaam, Tanzania. Completed, June 2009.

\r\n12) MASMA Research Grant, WIOMSA, worth US$ 200,000: Distribution of\r\npathogenic Vibrio cholerae strains in aquatic environments in coastal areas of\r\nEast Africa: Implication to cholera outbreaks and control. On-going to April\r\n2011.

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