Dr. Blandina R.Lugendo
8.1 Fish Community Structure along a Tropical Mangrove-Lined Creek in Mbegani, Bagamoyo,\r\nTanzania, WIOMSA (MARG I) Programme (2008 2009).

\r\n8.2 The influence of the presence of mangroves on fish community structure in adjacent habitats.\r\nUNESCO-LOREAL For Women in Science Fellowships Grant (2004 2005)

\r\n8.3 Utilization by Fish of Shallow-Water Habitats Including Mangroves and Seagrass Beds along the\r\nTanzanian Coast. (Ph.D. Research) (2001 2006).

\r\n8.4 Distribution and Ecology of Intertidal Seagrass Communities at Ocean Road and Kunduchi\r\nAreas, Dar es Salaam (M.Sc. Research) (1996-2000).

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