Dr. Prosper Mfilinge
\r\n1.1. 21st century Centre of Excellence (COE), University of the Ryukyus. Biogeographical\r\nvariation in the distribution of mangrove gastropods (Gastropoda:Potamididae) along the\r\nRyukyu Islands. October 2004- June 2005, completed.

\r\n1.2 Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), University of the Ryukyus. Identification\r\nof lipid markers that could be used to distinguish mangrove organic matter from terrestrial\r\norganic matter in the marine environment and food webs. March 2005- June 2007,\r\ncompleted.

\r\n1.4 Anonymous Referee/Reviewer for different international Journals: Aquatic Botany,\r\nEstuarine Coastal and Shelf Science, Aquatic ecology, Marine Environmental Research,\r\nJournal of Tropical Forest Science, Indian Journal of Marine Science etc.\r\n
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