Dr. Paul O. Onyango
Consultancy Reports
\r\nMahongo, S. B., P. O. Onyango and C. A. Mwakosya 2009. The Fishery of Sergestid Shrimp Acetes (Uduvi) in the Rufiji Delta: An Appraisal of the Marketing System. Report for WIOMSA MARG-1 research grant. \r\n\r\nBryceson, I., Jiddawi, N., Kamukuru, A., Kulindwa, K., Mwaipopo, R., Onyango, P., \r\nSebastian, M. 2006. Fisheries Study in Tanzanian Coastal Waters: the effects of trial export \r\nof finfish from Mafia Island on ecological-social resilience and vulnerability. \r\nConsultancy/Technical Report for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism and \r\nNorwegian Embassy, Tanzania. 82 pages\r\n

\r\nOdongkara K., Abila R and Onyango P. 2005. Socio-economic viability and sustainability of BMUs: A case study of Lake Victoria border BMUs. . Fisheries Management Series IUCN EARO\r\n

\r\n Projects undertaken
\r\n1. Socio-economic monitoring of the ongoing Implementation of the fisheries management plan project on Lake Victoria.\r\n
\r\n\r\n2. Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project (LVEMP) Socio-economic information generation on fisheries of the lake
\r\n3. Sustainable agro-ecosystem management and conservation for improved livelihoods in Lake Victoria basin (Proposed).
\r\n4. The Trans-boundary Biological Resources in the Nile River Basin Wetlands: Empowering the Rural Communities in Management, Poverty Alleviation and Conflict Resolution (Proposed)
\r\n5. Socio-economic of the Nile perch fisheries of Lake Victoria (completed) (2000-2005)

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