Prof. John F. Machiwa
Consultancy Reports
\r\n1. Machiwa, J.F., Y.D. Mgaya, S.G.M. 1991. Environmental impact assessment\r\nstudy of the proposed Dar es Salaam harbour expansion project. Report for Scott\r\nBertlin consulting Engineers and Planners (Surrey, England). 35p.

\r\n2 Ndaro, S.G.M. and Machiwa, J.F. 1991. Biological information on prawn culture\r\ntechniques. Prepared for M/S Mehboob H. Hashim, Director of Prawn culture\r\nproject - Tanzania. 40p.

\r\n3 Machiwa, J.F. and Benno, B.L. 1992. Environmental impact assessment of the\r\nproposed extension of the Songo Songo jetty. Report for Scott Bertlin Consulting\r\nEngineers and Planners (UK). 30p.

\r\n4 Machiwa, J.F., Ndaro, S.G.M., Benno, B.L. and Mziray, G.L. 1993. Dar es Salaam\r\nPort Development Study 1994 - 2004; Environmental Study Report. Prepared for\r\nS.L.I. consultants, c/o Lea Nedco J.V. Dar es Salaam. 35p.

\r\n5. Tamatamah, R., Benno, B., Machiwa, J., and Lyimo, T. 1994. Studies of the\r\nLimnology and Fisheries of the Mtera reservoir (Ten years after the\r\nimpoundment). Report commissioned by SWECO consultants, Stockholm

\r\n6 Machiwa, J.F., Muzuka, A.N.N., Dubi, A.M., Ndaro, S.G.M and Lugomela, C.\r\n2003. Sedimentation studies at the Simiyu River mouth (Magu Bay, Speke Gulf),\r\nLake Victoria, Tanzania. Report submitted to Lake Victoria Environmental\r\nManagement Project. 97pp

\r\n7 Machiwa, J.F., Kishe, M.A., Mbilinyi, H.G., Mdamo, A. and Mnyanza, O, 2003.\r\nImpact of gold mining in Lake Victoria Basin on mercury levels in the\r\nenvironment. Report submitted to Lake Victoria, Tanzania. Report submitted to\r\nLake Victoria Environmental Management Project. 46pp

\r\n8 Machiwa, J.F. 2004. Levels of some toxic metals and organochlorine pesticide\r\nresidues in Lower Kihansi River water and sediment. A report submitted to Lower\r\nKihansi Environmental Management Project, Vice President�s Office, Dar es\r\nSalaam.

\r\n9 Misana, S.B., R.D. Toba, K.N. Njau, J.H.Y. Katima, J. Machiwa, E.A.M.\r\nMjema, B.A.T. Kundi and A.A. Mvungi. 2006. National Framework: Monitoring\r\nand Communication for the Lake Victoria Basin. A report\r\nsubmitted to Ministry of Water (MTB/VPO/2004/2005/03) by Bureau for\r\nIndustrial Cooperation (BICO).

\r\n10 Njau, K.N., J.H.Y. Katima, B.A.T. Kundi, S.B. Misana, Y. Mgaya, P. Yanda, J.\r\nMachiwa, R.D. Toba 2006. Applied Research Programme for Lake Victoria\r\nBasin. A report submitted to Ministry of Water (MTB/VPO/2004/2005/03) by\r\nBureau for Industrial Cooperation (BICO).

\r\n11 MoWI 2008 Project Document, Lake Victoria Environmental Management\r\nProject Phase II submitted by The Ministry of Water and Irrigation, United\r\nRepublic of Tanzania.

\r\n12 Machiwa, J.F. and Mamboya, F. 2007. Swedish Ethanol Chemistry AB\r\n(SEKAB) Bioenergy Project: Inventory of Fauna and Flora in the intertidal area in\r\nKitame, Bagamoyo. Prepared for Orgut Consulting AB, Svartmangatan 9, 111 29\r\nStockholm, Sweden.

\r\n13 Machiwa, J.F., Shilla, D., Wagner, G.M. and Kabigumila, J. 2008. Report on\r\nAquatic Ecosystems short course conducted from 6th � 20th June 2008 at Grand\r\nImperial Hotel, Kampala for Applied Training Project, Nile Basin Initiative.
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