Mr. Twalib M. Kithakeni
\r\nTeaching Fisheries Diploma (Academic Year: 2004-2011)

\r\n(i) Aqua-business studies and Extension (MAD 102)

\r\n(ii) Fish marketing, Management and Planning (MAD 210),

\r\n(iii) Fishery economics (MAD 110),

\r\n(iv) Managerial accounting (MAD 204)

\r\nTeaching Undergraduates (Academic year: 2012)
(v) Marine Ecology (AQ 225)\r\n

\r\n(i) Mwasaga, S (2005) Costs-Benefits analysis of sea cucumber fishery at Kunduchi Pwani village-Dar Es salaam.

\r\n(ii) Zacharia, A.M 2005 Response and Attitude of Fishers Towards fisheries Regulations and management options\r\nat Kunduchi fishers village.

\r\n(ii) Salvatory, K (2006) The Drawbacks of fisher-folks co-operatives at Kigamboni and Kunduchi fish market-Dar\r\nEs salaam

\r\n(iii) Mgaya, J.M (2008) Developing Artisan fishers by loans and credits at Kunduchi Pwani village- Dar Es\r\nSalaam.

\r\n(iv) Katende, J.B. (2008) Local knowledge of Fish ecology, Oceanography, Fishing gears guiding fishing\r\nactivities at Kunduchi Pwani village-Dar Es Salaam.

\r\n(v) Kwesiga, A.A. (2009) Gaps and challenges of linking fishery research results and fishery stakeholders (a case\r\nstudy of sea cucumber fishery at Kunduchi Pwani village) Dar Es salaam.

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